Level01 announces an AI-driven DeFi platform to enhance trade practices


Level01 recently launched an innovative DeFi platform on Google Play which was  Developed over many years by a team of experts in quantitative analytics, big data, AI, derivatives pricing & risk analysis. Level01  World’s 1st DeFi Platform with AI-Guided Derivatives Trading utilizes the latest blockchain technology for a decentralized trading experience, which is completely automatic.

This innovation is with their AI which provides reasonable pricing and risk-reward probabilities for a trading contract, which ensures optimum balance and fair value pricing among traders. By using AI and big data, newcomers or retail traders can now trade with the same efficiency as more advanced.

Most DeFi platforms deal with trading in a digital platform, Level01 focuses on more challenging development aspiration to deliver a world-class advanced derivatives platform handles all forms of trading contracts beyond cryptocurrencies.

Most people are doubtful about the borrowing and lending aspects of DeFi, but the derivatives trading is one of the biggest markets around, and Level01 will be leading the DeFi charge into this category.

Since it is a decentralized platform that facilitates peer to peer trading, traders enjoy lower fees and are free from the risks associated with brokerage platforms such as unilateral liquidation, long settlement, slippage and manipulation, hacking.

The unique feature of Level01 is the Tradeline, where both parties allocated funds secured and locked in a smart contract until their contracts mature in a trade, which ensures there is no default by either party. When the contract become matured, the settlement is automatic, and profits are instantly distributed to the winning party’s private wallet.

Level01 AI-driven is driven trading encompasses everything in a consistent trading platform that offers fair pricing, risk assessment, quick matching, instant settlement, no security risks, and total reliability through Digital Ledger Technologies and AI. With this new platform, users can now trade derivative contracts with complete peace of mind and are ready with all the necessary tools to make informed decisions.

Therefore Level01’s  DeFi platform helps financial markets to bring back equality and balance to everyone with Blockchain to make the world better and fairer. Through blockchain and decentralization, can democratize the financial markets and offer everyone equal opportunities while accessing it which is going to become a big game changer like Level01.


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