New anthem of Medimix & Kolkata Knight Riders focuses on washing hands: Effective Campaign?


Kolkata Knight Riders celebrating its association with Medimix has launched an anthem ‘Washbo Lorbo Jeetbore’. It aims to market the message of washing hands and provoking everyone to stay their personal hygiene.

Medimix is an ayurvedic Indian brand manufactured and marketed by Cholayil Private Limited. Recently, Medimix partnered with the Kolkata Knight Riders and hygiene partner for IPL 2020 aims to spread awareness about the benefits of using Ayurvedic products and maintaining personal hygiene.

Pradeep Cholayil, Chairman and Director, Cholayil, comment about the association with Kolkata Knight Riders, and he adds that from this partnership they will generate something which fits well with the continuing cricket environment. Hygiene is that the most vital element during this current pandemic situation because without hygiene it’ll badly affect us, that’s why now we give more importance to washing hands.

The musical anthem has just been in deep  purpose of spreading awareness about personal hygiene during this cricket season. The performance by Kolkata Knight Riders players within the video combines the messaging of washing hands and keeping germ-free.

Ashish Ohlyan, Head of Selling, Cholayil speaks about the campaign that the aim of constructing this anthem was to succeed in the notice of washing hands and keeping them germ-free powered by Medimix Ayurvedic range of hand wash with natural ingredients.

Medimix has quite 50 years of tradition in skincare and now they launch ayurvedic handwash and sanitizers. The Hand Wash provides germ protection through natural ingredients.

The Medimix hand wash and hand sanitizers accommodates innovative blends of anti-bacterial ingredients like Lemon, Tulsi, Aloe Vera, Neem, and Turmeric to make refreshing compounds that provide 99.9% germ protection and also guarantees that they’re gentle and taken with the skin, it leaves the hand smelling fresh and clean. Medimix could be a company that has been trusted by users for years and that they have a well experience in creating ayurvedic products.

The anthem features the KKR players also to encourage people to stay their hands germ-free with the utilization of natural ingredients. within the present pandemic situation washing hands and sanitize them have a very important role.


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