LG’s new campaign; reminder to follow the COVID 19 protocols


LG Electronics is a South Korean multinational company popular across the globe. It had made its mark on the Indian market as one of the premium brands for over a decade.

They have been on the front foot supporting the nation to battle against the pandemic and have now launched a digital campaign.  

COVID 19 hit the whole world three years back and has never ceased to exist from then on. Now too it’s been affecting millions of people globally. The company has taken an initiative to remind people that ‘prevention is better than cure.’    

As part of the digital campaign, they released a video where it takes the viewers back to the scenes of the company lending their hand to those who were in need and telling them they shall always be there in the future too but reminds the audience that the fight against this virus isn’t over yet.  

They urge the people to follow the basic safety measures of COVID 19; one shouldn’t forget to wear a mask when stepping out of their house, maintaining a physical distance, and using hand sanitizers.

The brand has always contributed to building a better life for the people, so when the epidemic hit and people were in dire need they pledged their support to fight against it.  

LG took several initiatives to help everyone in every possible way. Across 21 government hospitals, they provided medical infrastructure. They donated essential products to the hospitals with isolation wards and also enhanced the setup by providing Air conditioners, Refrigerators, Water Purifiers, and TV. 

As part of it, they had collaborated with Akshaya Patra Foundation to supply meals for the people affected during the difficult time whether it was lockdown or other. Akshaya Pathra is an Indian NGO that supports everyone with a meal and strives to eliminate hunger from the nation.  

The nationwide lockdown had a huge impact on every citizen, including the migrant laborers and the daily wage workers who struggled to meet two ends every day. LG decided to serve meals to these people and announced the partnership and sponsored 1 million meals.  

The video conveys a strong message showing that LG has always been an active partner in giving their best to its consumers and the people should play their part as the fight isn’t over yet by following the COVID 19 protocols. 

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