LifeCell enlightens us with their campaign


Lifecell isn’t just a regular bank, it is a stemcell bank that promises us a guarantee on more things than what a regular bank can ever offer. This Biobank was founded in 2004 and promises to preserve stem cells from the umbilical cord.

This ‘fixed deposit’ that people give to the bank can also symbolize ideal life insurance. The reality is that many people are still unaware of the function of lifecell and are giving away an opportunity of a lifetime.

To educate many citizens in the country, the lifecell stem cell bank started a campaign named ‘Hope is cell’. The campaign intends to enlighten many people on the fact that the function of the bank is to preserve stem cells, which happens immediately after the birth of a baby.

The preserved cord blood cells of the baby will, later on, be of great use to the baby or immediate family members of the baby in case of a diagnosis of a terminal disease. Some of the terminal diseases that can be rescued due to the science of stem cells are Chronic lymphocytic leukemia, Osteopetrosis. Paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria and more.

The campaign includes a film by Mullen Lintas, which revolves around two fathers present in a hospital at the same time. In the first scene, a couple has just welcomed a girl, into their lives, and we are immediately shown how those parents have signed up to preserve their daughter’s stem cell in the lifecell bank.

As the father distributes sweets to celebrate his new role as a parent, we come across another father, along with his 4-5-year-old son,  situated in the same corridor of the hospital. This father to the contrary isn’t necessarily in a celebratory mood.

He is tensed and anxious and eventually, we know why because he was waiting for the results to know whether there was a stem cell match, this happens only when the stem cell being used is for an immediate family member. When the results were declared positive, we immediately relate to and acknowledge the benefits of preserving stem cells.

Lifecell bank guarantees that in most cases the match for stem cells is up to 97%. The biobank also promises that there is a hope of curing or treating more than 80 life-threatening diseases. One thing is for sure, that there is indeed no other bank like the Lifecell bank.

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