Listen to your heart campaign by ICICI Lombard


ICICI Lombard is marking World Heart Day with its new campaign urging people to listen to their hearts. The ad is conceptualized by Ogilvy and the film puts the focus on our heart health. The film moves around a conversation between the protagonist’s heart, brain, and stomach that showcases the conflict between a healthy lifestyle and temptations.

In the ad, the stomach is tempting the protagonist for ordering junk food whereas the heart advises him to continue his healthy eating habits which he has acquired during the lockdown. The stomach is asking to order pizza and burger because due to the lockdown he wasn’t getting such foods but during that time the heart advises him not to use those junk foods as it’ll cause high cholesterol which will affect the health and at the end the protagonist is obeying the advice of his heart. The ad goes on in a highly interesting manner with the thought of continuing a healthy lifestyle.

ICICI Lombard is aiming to remind the consumers to listen to their own heart for a healthy life and not give up into temptations as more enticing eateries open up as the lockdown eases up, through this film. It enhances the importance of ‘Restart Right’ being a good thing and to not go back to the same old unhealthy lifestyle. Thereby the ad has a great effect on the current scenario to motivate people for a healthy lifestyle including which they could get good reach for their advertisement. ICICI Lombard is making the world know that the company is moving on with lots of ethics throughout their journey.

Speaking about the ad Talha Bin Mohsin, the executive creative director stated that the lockdown turned out to be a blessing in disguise as far as our health and eating habits were concerned. But now when life is restarting after lockdown/, the old unhealthy temptations are coming back to lure us. Old habits that have kept our hearts unhealthy. Through this World Heart Day commercial, they wanted everyone to listen to their hearts’ healthy wishes by fighting these temptations and keeping up with their healthy lifestyle.


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