Live the T20 World Cup 2021 with Star India


While the whole country is footing to ICC Men’s T20 World Cup, 2021, Star India is ready to shock its audience with an extraordinary experience with the aid of a series of tech-savvy and high-end production broadcasts.

Technology improves our unknown senses. It creates a better and innovative experience of everything that seems to be mundane.

Star India, the official broadcaster of the marquee tournament, introduces some broadcast first innovations and redecorates them with design and technology. The R&D arm of Star and Disney India develops new technological advancements.

The technologies introduced include camera technology, AI interface, virtual and automated sets, immersive AR graphics tools for analytics, robotic statistic genius ‘Cricko’ and optical tracking of fielding positions, and 4D replays for super slow motions.

The design philosophy transformed to attract its youth to have deep and penetrating experience who will #LivetheGame throughout the event.

The tech advancement creates an in-depth analysis of the players’ movement during the game. The hi-tech integration includes ultra-modern cameras that form a 360-degree visual highlight with an application of multiple patented technologies.

An illusion is created where presenters seem to teleport between the studio and the ground. The technological innovation includes embedding wagon wheels, scoring area percentages to create a digital model of the stadium.

Another emerging feature is player graphics. It consists of unique symbols inspired by the specific qualities of a cricketer. The main focus of such technological revisions is to enhance the audience’s visual experience and provide a venue for the fans where they could live the game.

In the studio, technological integration introduced makes the nuances of the game clear to the audiences. It gives an in-depth understanding revolving around statistics. The experts will be able to display and analyze relevant parts of the game graphically using AI-driven gestures.

Star India becomes the first in the Indian subcontinent by including an indoor drone camera in its studio. The flying cameras display an uninterpreted 360-degree view of the game. A robotic auto-framing face-tracking camera would be able to follow the precise moments of the players.

In the studio, presenters use mixed reality headsets which act as a tool to deal with dynamic graphics for analyzing weather conditions, field positions, and more. These are developed using Unreal Engine by Epic Game.

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