“Local shop on Amazon” launched by Amazon India


Amazon India has stated that above one lakh local shops, kiranas are assigned to assist the delivery of products, the coming festive season. The participants in the “Local shop on Amazon” include over 20,000 offline retailers, kiranas, and locality stores who will be involved in the “Great Indian Festival” and different products are to be sold like daily required products, electronics, and other similar products.

Through this way, the shop owners can create a digital appearance and enlarge their customer base, even though customers purchase from their respective local stores. This initiative was introduced in April and currently has above 20,000 retailers in about 400 cities, where 40% of the sellers are said to be not from the popular 10 cities.“I Have Space” and Amazon pay smart along with Amazon easy stores are other initiatives which are included with the “Local shop on Amazon”.

Vice president of Amazon India, Manish Tiwary stated that they are concentrated to assist the sellers and other MSME partners to enlarge their growth and recover from the loss suffered from the current situation, and most of the firms have shifted to using technology in their business.

The main purpose of this initiative was to join hands with the local store owners for sales through online, to assist customers purchase, to create deliveries, and to avoid physical payments.

Over 50,000 Amazon easy stores were opened in India, which is claimed to help the first time shoppers in their shopping experience. To provide the maximum benefit to consumers, Amazon India joined hands with other network partners in India, to assist the shop owners to search and purchase products from Amazon.in, which in turn will increase the income generation.

The Amazon pay smart store is allowing above 15,000 local shops to enable online shopping, wherein by using this initiative customers will scan the store QR code to search for products in the store by using the App, after choosing the product, customers can checkout with Amazon pay where they can pay either by using UPI, balance, or credit or debit cards according to their preference.

The IHS (I Have space) recently has over 28,000 local stores and kiranas present in 350 cities, the purpose is to reach customers in a close range of 2-4 kilometers of the shop and deliver the products, which in turn increase the revenue of store owners and helps them to expand their growth.


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