L’ORÉAL Paris welcomes Camille Razat as its Worldwide Worth It Ambassador

L’Oréal Paris celebrates resilience and strength through spectacular women stories at Kommune Spoken Evening
L’Oréal Paris celebrates resilience and strength through spectacular women stories at Kommune Spoken Evening

She’s the rising French actress who beamed into homes because the ally we’d all want if we moved to Paris. L’Oréal Paris is thrilled to announce the world’s favorite new Parisienne, actress Camille Razat as a global ambassador. With a short message: “you’re worthwhile just the way you’re .”

“Don’t compare yourself to others, you’re enough. Love yourself so others can love you and if they don’t, that’s not your problem.” Camille Razat


Who is Camille Razat? The question on everyone’s lips during the primary season of Emily in Paris, the Netflix series from Sex and therefore the City creator Darren Star. Befriending Emily, played by Lily Collins, as she navigates the disorientation of the latest life within the city of sunshine, Camille keeps her name to play the quintessential French cool girl with all the invites and therefore the effortlessly chic. The incarnation of the Parisienne she plays, while the series introduced Camille to a worldwide audience, the 27-year-old has been lighting up French screens since she was 21.


At 18, she shelved plans to coach as a journalist, following her instinct to enroll in Paris’ prestigious Cours Florent acting school. Still, in her second year there, she landed a task in the French tv drama, Disparue (The Disappearance) which went on to global distribution. Small parts followed, alongside Depardieu in Capitaine Marleau, then in Clint Eastwood’s 15:17 to Paris. Further roles include within the comedies Ami Ami by Victor Saint Macary and Rock’s roll directed by Guillaume Canet. In 2019, she was nominated for a César award, for her role in L’Amour est une fête (Love may be a party). which same year she made her solo theatrical debut in Le Vieux Juif blonde, a task that she was preselected for France’s leading theatre awards, the Molières


Determined to avoid typecasting, while currently filming season 2 of Emily in Paris, Camille Razat goes places with tougher material. In 2021, she stars alongside Charlotte Gainsbourg in Les choses humaines directed by Yvan Attal, which examines consent and sexual abuse. She also takes on the devastating demons awakened during a young psychiatrist for her lead role in the thriller Mastemah from new director Didier D Daarwin. And she’s currently producing her screenplay.

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