India begins alleged dropping of electro-galvanized steel


India has commenced a probe into the alleged dropping of electro-galvanized steel which is utilised in both the auto and electronics industries, from Korea, Japan, Singapore after an objection by a domestic company. 

American Precoat Speciality Pvt Ltd has filed a petition prior to the Directorate General of Trade Remedies (DGTR) for inspection of anti-dumping work regarding the imports of this electro-galvanized steel from these three countries.

The directorate, subject to the Commerce Ministry, will look regardless if the product is being dumped by the companies of these countries in India and if it is affecting the domestic industry. If it is started in the probe that the dropping is indenting borders of the domestic firm and the DGTR would advocate anti-dumping duty with a vision to protect the local industry from economical imports. And it pointed out that the authority hereby begins an inspection to decide the existent, level and impact of any alleged dumping in regards to the goods derived in or exported from the subject countries. And to the amount of anti-dumping work, which if imposed, would be sufficient to detach the impact to the domestic industry.

The DGTR also had a similar case on imports of Clear Float Glass from Bangladesh and Thailand. That is Asahi India Glass Ltd, Gold Plus Glass Industry, Sisecam Flat Glass India, and Saint-Gobain India have filed the order for the inquiry and force of the duty. The products realized some important utilization in building, refrigeration, mirror and solar energy industries etc. It is a higher quality glass. Furthermore, the directorate has commenced a sunset review inspection regarding the imports of jute products from Bangladesh and Nepal. And pointed out the decision of the Indian Jute Mills Association.

Nation’s accomplish the anti-dumping inquiry to decide if their domestic industries have been hurt because of a rush in below-cost imports. As a countermeasure, they force work under the multilateral rule of the World Trade Organization. It also has objectives of guaranteeing a fine trading policy and making a level-playing field for domestic manufacturing with the concern to the foreign producers and exporters. And the authority hereby commenced the sunset review inspection to check for the required for the continued imposition of the duties in force of jute products.

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