Women have to face difficult situations like pregnancy. During this time women do not get to enjoy it and be normal. The action that she took has to dictate, be judged, and be thwarted. With the help of pregnant actor Kareena Kapoor Khan, Lux decided to address this situation in its new film made by Wunderman Thompson South Asia.  Kareena talks straight from the heart, with every action of public figures’ under scrutiny. A conversation between star couple Saif Ali Khan and wife Kareena is shown in the film. The frustration of many women who faces restrictions and stipulations when pregnant are echoed by Kareena.

She was the happiest when she just followed her heart and was remarked as unstoppable during her first pregnancy according to Saif Ali Khan. This made her realize that the solution lies within her. She came to know that if she wants to smile, she should continue doing the things she loves. Actor Kareena Kapoor Khan is the Lux Indian ambassador commented that this campaign with Lux is special to her. She told every-women to break stereotypes and do what you love and doing this will make her glow. Global Brand Vice President of Lux, Severine Vauleon commented after seeing the campaign that women have to make many judgments that define how they should live, look or behave. Everyone has an opinion on how she should express or carry herself. After this a question came into the life ‘why can’t women be pregnant and still lead a full glorious life? They believe that at Lux for her to glow a woman should do whatever she likes the idea they encourage women to be unstoppable.

SVP & Managing Partner of Wunderman Thompson in Mumbai, Kishore Tadepalli commented that wanted to create an interaction about many-number of societal biases women face and these biases and judgments just increase when she is pregnant. Pregnancy doesn’t stop a woman from doing what she wants to do and its torchbearer was Kareena. This helped us to tell a real story about what she feels and represents. The powerful and positive side of women is shown by the brand Lux. This represents them as strong and beautiful individuals. The brand encourages women to find strength and happiness in doing what makes them happy.

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