Mankind Pharma thanks the teachers on Teachers’ Day


You don’t need to get into a school in order to learn from a teacher. They’re available everywhere, only if you’re willing to learn. This is also what had to be discussed during the brainstorming sessions of Mankind Pharma and ADK Fortune for this ‘Teacher’s Day’ video.

In the TVC, we see an old person who gets up early to make single rose bouquets as he wants to wish all his teachers a happy Teacher’s Day. So instead of going to his school or his teachers’ place, we see him visiting unusual locations.

He visits the clinic, which has not yet been opened, to thank Dr. Joy for reminding us that God is alive among us. He then visits Mr. Kumar’s pharmacy which is again closed. There’s a single rose bouquet for him just because he taught us kindness, selflessness and compassion. He then goes to the home of the Maharashtra Police Akhlas Ahmed to thank him for teaching us the essence of dedication and sacrifice. And finally, he places the bouquet outside the cleaner Raju’s house, for he has taught us the dignity of work; no job is too little.

When he goes off, we see two kids say to him, ‘Masterji, Good Teacher’s Day.’ It also serves to say that, no matter who and what we are, we can all continue to learn from those around us.

Commenting on the initiative, Joy Chatterjee, DGM, Mankind Pharma, said, “The manner with which physicians, pharmacists, police and sanitation staff have performed in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic is highly appreciable. There is no question that they are not only Corona soldiers, but also our frontline teachers. This video is our sincere salute to each of them as we wish them the #HappyTeachersDay.”

Another interesting feature of the ad is the ticker-like message that appears at the foot of the screen: ‘This film is for artistic expression only. We highly encourage wearing a mask during this pandemic.

It’s an insightful message that would address two assumptions: the audience might either assume that the commercial was shot before the pandemic (but wait, the Teacher’s Day shot before the pandemic?) or the actors in the commercial being blamed for not wearing a mask.


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