#WhoIsYourVighnaharta campaign by Tanishq


The #WhoIsYourVighnaharta advertisement by Lowe Lintas and Tanishq unobtrusively plans to give another importance to this conviction and desires the Tanishq customers to perceive the individuals who have approached to broaden help during the pandemic as the Vighnaharta.

The ad opens with three older men inside a home, energetically battling about who will hand over the blessing to a youngster who they all appear to know well. The brand has your consideration through the simple exchange, and the story, without extending excessively, unfurls to show how the three senior residents were widely helped by the young lady throughout the pandemic who they think about their Vighnaharta. Bhagwan Ganesha, also named as Vighnaharta, is one of the most venerated Hindu Gods and is accepted to eliminate all barriers in our lives.

Explaining the idea behind the mission, Sagar Kapoor, CCO, Lowe Lintas says, “With Tanishq, the customer affection and customer connect always comes first and afterward the event or celebration and the jewellery purchasing aspects comes. Things being what they are, in these upset occasions you will discover a few people who have consistently been there for you or thought about you, it’s time we began acknowledging and perceiving the Vighnahartas of our lives, something which we didn’t think about that too in the pre-COVID 19 days. So we began with that idea on which we had a conversation with the marketing and branding team and started structuring it. Credit goes to this superb author in our Bangalore group called Arpan Bhattacharyya who has chipped away at Tanishq a considerable amount. He thought of the possibility of the uncles being thought about and they pooling in the cash to gift this lovely pendant upon the arrival of Ganesh Chaturthi telling the young lady that you are our Vighnaharta.

Discussing the most testing part of assembling this campaign, Ranjani Krishnaswamy, General Manager, Marketing, Tanishq, says, “The most testing angle was to cut life feel to this ad while conveying an exceptionally deep message. We needed the message to convey numerous grins without removing the gravitas of what Vighnaharta implied for the current year. We were quick to catch the idealistic, peppy notion without sounding pompous of the real world. Along these lines, this Ganesh Chaturthi we decided to focus on the Vighnahartas in our lives. They said that God comes in numerous structures mostly as a person.

This calamity has considered being of humankind as a power. Individuals met up to battle the huge number of difficulties this pandemic and lockdown presented, new connections of care and concern were made, in little yet noteworthy ways individuals contacted help inside their locale, neighborhood, and nation on the loose. This film is a recognition for each one of those Vighnahartas in our lives. It presents another assortment called ‘Wear your prayer a uniquely structured assortment of Ganesha pendants with prayer engravings.


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