Marketing of Tupperware India during COVID-19: Case Study


 The outbreak of COVID 19 has created great impacts in the world. At present in most of the countries, the government has declared national wide lockdown which helped a lot in curbing the rapid spread of the virus,. But these hit shop owners, and retail across the country hard. However the relaxation of lockdown 4.0, shops are now opening up and there is a hope that things will recover at a slow pace but still, things are far from getting back to normal. At present, the shops and retailers are opening up by following the guidelines prescribed by the government. 

The premium homeware brand Tupperware announced recently, that it has reopened 40% of its outlets spread across 17 countries. Apart from this, the brand is looking for investing more time, money, and effort on e-commerce to meet the demand from its consumer as traditional marketing is not possible now. 

In a recent interview, Vivek Chaturvedi, the associate director, brand marketing Tupperware India mentioned about, how the last few months have been for the brand, how the thing will change in the future, and also he told about what Tupperware stand after post COVID world. He said that the last few weeks were full of challenges as their entire production unit, warehouse, and retail outlets, e-commerce deliveries were shut with direct selling being the only medium that was operational but with limitations. After the lockdown 4.0, they got some relaxation, now they will be able to accept the order and deliver Tupperware products to their customers through online retail and e-commerce platforms. along with that, they plan to revive the operation of a few retail outlets keeping intact with government guidelines and safety measures.

They are more optimistic about the opportunities coming in the future and utilizing the downtimes to reboot, reinvent, and reignite through analyzing the way things are currently actioned and then doing them better in the coming future. They also gave more emphasis on open communication with customers, the reason; told was, if we help during the emergency, the emotions exist among them and it will help them in the future. To keep consumers engaged and motivated, they are running a week-long contest on social media such as ‘bake with love’ as Tupperware is celebrating its 24 birthday this year and also encouraging customers to wish them by baking an innovative cake and stand to win an exciting gift from them.

He also mentioned that, during this pandemic period, their primary focus is on the health, safety, well-being, and livelihood of Tupperware India families and communities in which they serve. Their brand line ‘more time living’ has been extended to communicate that it’s for you, your family, and the planet and they continue to remain true to this belief even the post COVID world.


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