MensXP collaborates with Bhuvan Bam for the #DontManUp campaign

Bhuvan Bam

MensXP is one of the largest lifestyle destinations for men in India. It launched India’s first online men’s lifestyle shopping store.

It connects men from all over the world and helps them organize their social lives by keeping them updated about the latest trends, selling trendy products, and many more.

MensXP has millions of consumers who use its products and follow its content. This online store hosts about 600 premium brands and over 20,000 products.

They have several homegrown labels, such as MensXP Mud, Fraternity, MensXP collective, and so on; and it also has multiple store categories such as Home Décor, Wellness & WFH essentials and so on.

Their products are trendy and help their consumers keep up with the changing needs of today’s life. It has gained massive popularity among Indian men, especially the younger generations.

MensXP collaborated with Bhuvan Bam, one of the most popular Indian YouTubers, to be a part of the campaign- #DontManUp. He talks about some misconceptions and cultural superstitions that are imposed on men all over the country.

They produced a poignant video as a part of the collaborative effort.

He recites a poem to motivate men fighting against the social biases and prejudiced narratives like ‘Boys don’t wear pink’ or ‘man don’t cry.

The poem questions the society that expects a man to avoid being vulnerable and be a strong, steady, and responsible individual devoid of emotions. This puts a lot of pressure on individuals. It invites all men to question these narratives and let them go.

This campaign challenges outdated mindsets and encourages men to embrace their emotional side. It promises to organize several thought-provoking discussions with many well-known influencers.

It hopes to influence people’s thoughts and bring about a certain change on a social level.

Bhuvan Bam, in this video, talks about the personal experiences and struggles that he went through to become the person that he is today. Men learn to suppress their emotions to appear rough and manly to the outside world.

This emotional repression commonly causes mental issues among older men.

The ‘Don’tManUp’ campaign calls out to people so that emotional vulnerability becomes normalized, irrespective of gender, on a social level.

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