Microsoft Bagged the creative marketer of 2021


The organizer of the Cannes Lion International Festival of Creativity has named Microsoft, as their creative marketer of the year. The annual honour goes to an advertiser, which repeatedly presented creative and lion-winning work over the years. Microsoft was very delighted and had impressed them at the festival, earnings across their suite of products, which includes Xbox, ‘’Halo 3’ game, Windows, OneNote, Kinect, MSN, and Microsoft Cloud.

However, in 2019, this brand had particularly performed well with their ‘’Changing the Game’’ campaign and had become the McCann New York. This suffering, they had bestowed upon the company’s accessible gaming controller and had bagged a Grand Prix in Brand Experience and Activation as well as Titanium Lion.

Meanwhile, they had even secured many other notable honours. Some of them are the Glass Lion-winning ‘’Make What’s Next, an International Women Day STEM push from McCann New York, McCann London’s multi-honored ‘’Survival Billboard’’, and had the fan base to stamp on the outdoor as they could bare harsh weather conditions. Whereas Creative eCommerce Grand Prix- winning ‘’Xbox Design Lab Originals: The Franchise Model is a platform that had incentivized gamers to make and sell customized controllers.

The Lions had decided to honour Microsoft last year, but that had to be postponed as well as the festival due to the corona novel. Thereafter, their celebration will take place this year. We could predict that Microsoft will top the stage.

‘’What stands out about Microsoft’s performance at Cannes Lions was their success. Lions across the real breadth of products and geographies. They were pushing their creative boundaries throughout their entire business. CEO Satya Nadella has indicated that marketing is one of the top drivers of our success. We could assume that Microsoft has opened its creative potential, and had taken into immense growth. The brands like Microsoft are performing well, and are improving their creative marketing.

Lions had represented the Creative marketer of the year Award in 1992. Their past awardees include Apple, Burger King, Coca-Cola, Google, IKEA, Samsung, Heineken, McDonald’s, Mars, and Unilever. The Lions will announce Microsoft as the Creative Marketer of the Year Awards on June 25, during the virtual festival Lions live, which is ought to conduct from June 21 to June 25.

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