Big Bazaar introduces Store2Door, an online delivery platform to users


Big Bazaar is a hypermarket, discount department store, and grocery store chain based in India. Kishore Biyani created the retail chain through his parent company, Future Group, which is well-known in the Indian retail and apparel industries.

 Big Bazaar, has declared the nationwide launch of its Store2Door operation, which will deliver items to customers within two hours. Customers will also be able to reach their closest Big Bazaar shop through the internet. They can buy anything from the store on and by various other methods such as Whatsapp and phone calls.

Since its inception in 2001, Big Bazaar has been known as “India ka Asli Dukaan,” or “India’s Most Trusted Hypermarket.” Many others have made similar claims, but if you look closely, each Big Bazaar store has developed a large group of loyal customers in its respective catchment area, who know that their Big Bazaar store will still meet all of their needs. Big Bazaar has always strived to make customers’ shopping experiences easier and to provide the best facilities at its stores.

With the Store2Door service, the brand has taken this same sense of quality online and introduced the whole store to consumers’ phones and laptops in the present day. Big Bazaar aims to help its customers shop safely and provides the added reassurance of their familiar Big Bazaar store being just a click away with its presence in nearly 140 cities across India, particularly in smaller towns where there are no major e-commerce players.

 A top executive of the company said that “We are just restoring the confidence and faith our member family has put in us, our doors have been open to accommodate them for the past two decades, and now, although they are unable to come to us, they are delighted and amazed that we are coming to them. They can buy their favorite items from the comfort of their own homes and even communicate with the staff at their local shop if they have any questions. We’re feeling a different kind of teamwork and energy.”

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