Mirabai Chanu and Bajrang Punia are brought in by Amrutanjan


Amrutanjan Health Care, a 128-year-old company with a storied history and a pioneer in India’s healthcare industry, has debuted a series of television commercials for their Advanced Pain Relief body range, which stars Olympic medalists Mirabai Chanu and Bajrang Punia.

As the phrase resonates, “dard ki haar, aap ki jeet,” the ad idea focuses on the message of conquering suffering and gaining success. The advertisements depict the difficulties that these sportsmen confront on their path to success and brilliance.

For its Advanced Pain Relief body range of goods, which includes Back Pain Roll-On, Joint Muscle Spray, and Pain Patch, the business will release a series of films featuring weightlifting champion Mirabai Chanu and wrestling champion Bajrang Punia.

Both Mirabai and Bajrang are portrayed fighting pain with Amrutanjan’s Back Pain Roll-On and Joint Muscle Spray from its Body Range of products in the TV commercial.

Mirabai Chanu is getting ready to lift the barbell at the Olympics when the film begins. It’s the decisive moment. Her mind wanders back to her childhood and training years. We see her strive to qualify for the Olympics and achieve her dream as a real champion in the making. During her weightlifting, we hear her moan as she suffers from back discomfort.

Pain, on the other hand, will not deter her. Amrutanjan stands at her side, applying the Amrutanjan Back Pain Roll-On, which begins working on her pain within 30 seconds. ‘Lift, Mira, lift!’ her inner voice exclaims as we back to the Olympic scene. She lifts, she wins, and India takes home an Olympic silver medal.

Similarly, the video emphasises Bajrang’s gruelling training regimen….all the sweat and tears that go into becoming a champion. We know that he was losing games due to a weak and wounded knee. Bajrang’s knee jerks suddenly on the final day of the Olympics, while he competes with his opponent in the wrestling ring.

Bajrang’s inner voice may be heard encouraging him to keep fighting. He overcomes the unbearable pain of not earning a medal for his country. He fights the agony by squirting Amrutanjan Joint Muscle Spray on his knees, which helps him feel better. Finally, the wrestler is depicted proudly displaying his India medal.

Both Mirabai Chanu and Bajrang Punia have delivered a strong performance as top-class athletes on a global platform for India despite a hard time. Amrutanjan healthcare attempts to showcase their fair share of struggles, and hurdles in this journey to success.

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