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What is Bing Content Submission API?

When content is updated or created on a website, Content Submission API instantly sends that content to Microsoft Bing without waiting for BingBot to crawl the site. It is a different API from the URL submission API. 

By using the URL submission API, you can send Bing URLs that they can crawl and index. By making use of the Content Submission API, not only will your URL be submitted, but your HTML, content, images, and so on will be sent directly to Bing, bypassing the crawling process altogether.

Why use Bing Content Submission API?

According to Bing, this free service will not only allow you to get your content and pages into Bing faster but will also reduce the load your sites face when BingBot crawls them.

By migrating to this solution, you not only get faster indexing for new or updated URLs, but you also skip crawling that content and allow it to be submitted directly to the search engine for indexing. You should try this solution on your websites or your client’s sites to see if it makes a big difference in indexing and server resources.

Microsoft is making its Content Submission API available to anyone who wants to use it.

Earlier this year, Bing launched its Bing Content Submission API in beta mode. With Bing’s API, you can notify it instantly when something changes on your site.

A key driver for this change is for the search engine to become less dependent on BingBot in the future, says Fabrice Canal, Principal Program Manager at Bing.

Bing Content Submission API is now open to implement and send content updates to Bing for all website owners. It allows them to reach more relevant users on Bing and reduce Bingbot crawling load on their websites.

Combining the tool with the Bing URL Submission API will make sending updated content and URL to Bing more flexible. It will result in the content being displayed immediately to the searchers.

You will have access to a unified dashboard when you use the URL Submission API and Content Submission API together so that you can see indexing statistics and latency data for your submissions.

It also promises to increase traffic from hundreds to millions of web pages with less reliance on organic crawling.

Additional information regarding Content Submission API

According to Bing, this tool is a work in progress and is subject to further adjustments based on user feedback.

To be clear, Bing does not plan to phase out the use of Bingbot for content indexing. It is entirely up to you whether or not to use the Content Submission API.

In the absence of action on your part, Bing will continue to crawl and index your content. You may not get the results as fast as you would with the API.

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