Formal degree in Data Science: 5 reasons why


In today’s world, online education or e-learning are becoming an increasingly widespread source of learning. You can take any course at your convenience and at your convenience time as online classes are both flexible and affordable. 

However, getting a formal education in data science will help you in building a better future.

Here are some reasons why you should secure a formal degree in data science:

Assurance of continuity with a formal degree

At present, the average completion rate for a Massive Open Online Course(MOOC) is only 15%, which is because many people want to learn new things, but some hurdles prevent them from doing so, or sometimes they lose interest halfway through. But, if you pursue a degree in data science, you will be constrained in the amount of time and resources you spend.

Assignments for a Formal Degree Course

Solutions for all the most common online course assignments are available on the internet today. Consequently, this discourages you from trying to find an answer since everyone prefers the easy way. A university degree program, however, has assignments with difficult questions that force you to think uniquely.

International Exposure

Most people have thought about working abroad at least once in their lives. You have a better chance of living up to your dream if you have a formal degree in data science. Experiencing a different country and environment outside one’s own culture can be an entirely new experience in and of itself.

Tech Companies Still Value Formal Education

Many of the leading tech companies mention that they require graduates from a prestigious university or college. Since even in the present day, tech companies value formal degrees more than those earned online. With a degree, you have a much greater chance of finding a job in data science.

Research Projects

Researching is not an easy task, so you will need assistance to succeed. Besides giving you a competitive edge, writing papers help you learn about a topic in-depth. The best would be to work under the supervision of a professor and got some publications.

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