Mobile Robots: The new era in Automation?


Robotics is a growing field and in current conditions, the use of them is at the peak where many pharmaceutical companies have used them for optimum results. They mainly see upon the high-level tasks of potential therapeutic compounds and study their nature. Computed automation(CT) of the human head and endoscopy for surgery were some of the best examples of automation in the medical field today but as of now the use of mobile robots is immense and various players are using them to increase their production and revenue. Mobile robots have increasingly gained popularity although energy storage was one of the main bottlenecks for the past decade several changes have been made and they are used in laboratories, surgery, and many other scanning procedures also.

Mobile robots: The new laboratory toy 

They are really good for a clinical task such as handling test-tubes, flask, and the drug discovery process in general. And covaxin has been also developed under the help of these mobile robot scientists.

The new mobile scientist can move and work more efficiently than a human which makes their performance error-free and they require less cost per head also. Studies were proving that the robot had the speed of 1000 times over a human and the machine carried out the last 688 experiments involving the gas chromatography technique.

Medical sample collection and sorting the liquids 

When the laboratory assistants had to do the sorting process of blood samples upon arrival, a lot of time was wasted and the robots could do this more effectively and at a faster pace. It showed that the robots could sort almost 40 boxes per hour without any strain or pressure. The dispensing mechanism could efficiently handle sub microliter liquids over more than 1000 pipetting cycles. These robots have the potential for a flexible automation system in many areas of the pharmaceutical area. Many investments are done in the area of automation in the biomedical area. When the research showed such a great increase in the speed of the process, tremendous investments are been made in this sector. They are used in the robotic prescription dispensing system and for sanitation and disinfection also.


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