Moley Robotics brought a change of pace in the culinary industry, with its first robotic kitchen that was able to cook your food in no time. Moley utensils and appliances were designed in collaboration with Italy’s leading craft tools. The main features of this set include ergonomic heat-resistance handles, stainless steel handle, an aluminum inner lid, and an outer metal magnet, which cookware uses anyway. Now, a specific step is to apply the kitchen utensils to the table

Moley Robotics was founded in 2014 by London -based scientist, robotics and healthcare scientist Dr. Mark Oleynik, who built the world’s first automatic robotic unit machine. Moley Robotic Kitchen is a 3D cooking platform that allows you to master different cooking methods

Company formation

The demand for RoboChef was identified in 2013 when Mark noticed the gap in the current robotics market that drastically changes the size of the service, economy, and carbon footprint. Since then, the company has had a long new journey, from next-generation, through design systems, software, and hardware development, to product launch in December 2020, to the only offline exhibition in Dubai.

the one who made everything possible

Mark Oleynik, Ph.D., Founder / CEO / Interim CTO or Ph.D. talent. mathematicians, computer scientists, and certified pioneers. Mark has a very different view for Moley Robotics. He has been able to patent robotic methods and treatments in 12 countries and build patents and labels in 9 countries.

Creating a better future for the robotics business

Moley Robotics solves the problems of families who are looking for high-quality food but have little time and desire to cook. Delivery to the restaurant is only partially helpful, however, it does not maintain the freshness and quality of the food. People need an automatic solution for cooking in their kitchen. At the same time, restaurants and other commercial kitchens are struggling with overcrowding, increasing employee pay and human error, as well as rising hygiene standards in the kitchen. Commercial kitchens need an automated solution to cook and replace some employees. There are many organizations and places where the best chefs don’t work: hospitals, night shifts/morning services in hotels, nursing homes, prisons, dark kitchens.

The challenging part of the journey

The main problem with Moley Robotics’ approach is climate change. According to Mark, the robotics market is high-margin and low-volume, and there are no apps currently in use in many markets. The company’s plan is to gradually update the products it develops, which will allow them to reduce costs and enter more markets, moving from high segment rates to low segment rates. Through the pyramid of needs.

Time to achieve company

Moley Robotics won the simplest of the simplest award during CES Asia in 2015. It has the strongest and oldest patent portfolio of 2014 with 8 patents approved, as well as the first and only robotic kitchen was able to cook a whole new dish of useful ingredients Famous for its integrated hand built and manufactured with SCHUNK, the world has become a leader in landing machines. There’s a basic library of robots from world-renowned chefs, along with in-house simplification skills. Moley Robotics has combined different types of measurements and shape modifications into one machine.

Future ventures in robotics

Moley Robotics has completed the integration of the state-of-the-art living kitchens, allowing the construction of a wide range of integrated kitchen cabinets, meeting local needs. The next step is to increase the performance and reliability of the cooking system, which will allow its use in commercial enterprises, which require high levels of food production based on ingredients. variety of popular cuisines. In the future, the company plans to integrate the situation with other environments: application laboratories, biotechnology, chemistry, high-risk environments, medicine, and others.

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