PepsiCo unveils “ghost kitchen” Pep’s Place in #BetterWithPepsi campaign


PepsiCo opened its first virtual restaurant- Pep’s Place in the United States for food and beverage delivery. Pepsi, the PepsiCo-owned brand further promoted its new offering by kicking off the #BetterWithPepsi campaign that includes eight commercials in English and six #MejorConPepsi commercials in Spanish. The campaign launched in Tandem celebrates the unapologetic love of Pepsi and food that brings people together.

 Pepsi’s brand-new, month-long order and delivery experience will be available in select locations across the United States and can be found at and major food aggregators like Uber Eats, DoorDash and GrubHub. The “beverage-first” experience asks customers to select from a bevvy of Pepsi beverages, including Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Pepsi Real Sugar, Pepsi Zero Sugar, Pepsi Mango, Pepsi Zero Sugar Mango, Pepsi Zero Sugar Wild Cherry and Pepsi Wild Cherry.

The cynosure of Pep’s Place being at the restaurant “cola comes first”, and this inventive fast beverage ghost kitchen completely reverses the traditional ordering process. The trend for virtual kitchens has accelerated under the pandemic and according to Euromonitor data cited by Pepsi, ghost kitchens are expected to be a $1 trillion market worldwide.

The “Better with Pepsi” campaign celebrates food’s role as a unifier bringing friends and family together. The national TV spots for the campaign offer a tribute to people’s favourite foods like fried chicken, hot dog, nachos, burger, sandwich, ribs, wings, tacos, Carne, empanada, and guacamole. Pep’s Place has curated a mouth-watering menu with entrees like a cheeseburger, Cajun chicken sandwiches, buffalo wings, spare wings, chicken Caesar salad and many more delicious food pairings that come along with delectable sides such as broccoli, mac and cheese and Lay’s chips.

Pep’s Place is an early adopter of virtual brands and product integrations which is a clear sign of PepsiCo’s willingness to experiment to keep pace with the latest digital trends. As a brand, Pepsi also comes up with exclusive content to reach out to younger consumers who tune out commercials.

Commenting on the launch of Pep’s Place, Todd Kaplan, Vice President of Marketing- PepsiCo, said, “We have designed a new fast-beverage restaurant delivery concept that features a menu and experience literally built around the idea of what foods go best with Pepsi.”

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