Mondi comes up with ‘Holy Grail 2.0’ digital watermarking


To prove the feasibility of digital watermarking, Mondi has collaborated with Target, the European Brands Association, to sort wastes at a scale. As far as the circular economy is concerned, the “Holy Grail 2.0” initiative helps them to assess whether this pioneering digital technology enables them to lead the better sorting and higher quality of the recycling rates that can be used for packaging in the EU that drives the circular economy.

Mondi was founded by a member of the original pioneer project HolyGrail and they have been facilitated by MacArthur Foundation. They always continue in an active role in trailing the innovative technology in commercializing the concept for this they have across 85 partners are working together in this value chain. The watermarks on the packaging are postage-stamp-sized, which are not seen by naked eyes, and allow them to efficiently sort the material into various waste streams. A traditional sensor would not help them identify multi-material packaging.

Mondi has also been told about the new technology that makes it easier to separate materials more precisely and generate new waste streams that can be recycled using enhanced recycling technologies. To illustrate this with the help of an example, customers can use the mobile app to find the box, and how to recycle it with the owners of the brand can also add product details.

With this Mondi also believes that packaging should be sustainable in its nature as part of the circular economy and we see that there is a need to enhance the sorting and separation of packaging waste. By enhancing recycling, they will increase the value of packaging waste by driving higher collection rates and make it a valuable commercial resource for the future.
While HolyGrail 2.0 progresses, Mondi is well placed, which is used to contribute to success by validating digital watermarks along with the value chain partners. Mondi will soon be running a full-scale industrial trial with some major customers in the press release.

It is the pilot project of the HolyGrail 2.0 Digital Watermarks Initiative to demonstrate the feasibility of digital watermarking technology to achieve accurate sorting and, as a result, to achieve higher recycling efficiency on a massive scale in the industry. The main aim of this initiative is that once the packaging has entered the waste sorting facility, this digital watermark will help them identify and encode a standard high-resolution camera in their sorting line. It will be sorted based on the transferred attributes and also through the corresponding streams. This results in a more efficient system that benefits the value of packaging by recycling higher quality.


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