Mother Sparsh launches #OnionHaiTohSmellTohHogi campaign


Mother Sparsh, a luxury Ayurveda and personal care brand, has launched a two-month-long digital campaign to raise awareness about the benefits of raw onion.

It concentrates on hair health, only days after taking the Indian D2C industry by storm with Series A funding from FMCG giant ITC. Mother Sparsh was founded in 2016 to offer inventive plant-based, natural and eco-friendly baby care products.

The brand was established to achieve the dual objective of offering products that promote the well-being of babies and at the same time ensure no negative impact on the environment.

The brand is bringing together almost 10,000 influencers, as well as some of the most well-known celebrities, for the #OnionHaiTohSmellTohHogi campaign, which will be divided into stages.

The debut of the campaign coincides with the launch of a whole new hair care line based on the power of Pure Onion Rasa.

“Based on our past experience with perception-focused mass digital campaigns, we estimate #OnionHaiTohSmellTohHogi to reach almost 30 million people.”

We’ve reached out to micro, macro, and celebrity influencers on all appropriate online platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, and large-scale celebrity participation is expected to boost the campaign’s reach.

Mother Sparsh co-founder and CEO Dr. Himanshu Gandhi said, “The first phase of the campaign is the launch of a full hair care product laced with Pure Onion Rasa and extracts in their purest form.”

The Mother Sparsh Onion Hair Range, he added, comprises a perfect blend of transforming Ayurvedic herbs, oils from natural products like Onion, Black seed oil, Redensyl, and again to encourage growth, battle breakage, and leave the strands refreshed and healthy-looking.

Onion Hair Rasa, Onion Hair Shampoo, Onion Hair Conditioner, and Onion Hair Oil make up the bouquet.

The Hair Oil increases blood circulation in the scalp to promote healthy new hair development and improve the texture for a lustrous sheen, while the Pure Onion Rasa nurtures the hair from the root and revives scalp circulation to strengthen the strands.

Pure Onion Rasa is also found in the Shampoo and Conditioner, which helps to ease stress while also deeply nourishing the hair and scalp from roots to tips.

The entire Mother Sparsh Onion hair collection is anti-hair loss, preventing both hair loss and breakage while also encouraging new hair growth.

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