Mother’s Recipe comes up with sentimentality in their latest social media campaign


There is always some sort of nostalgia involved in the process of pickle making for all. “Mother’s Recipe”, one of India’s driving FMCG brands has recently launched a social media campaign –“Your Traditions Our Pickle”’ to restore the feelings of tradition.

The campaign was introduced with a reason to inspire an emotional response from its consumers in the middle of the pickle season. Whichever part of the nation, one is from pickle lover category, pickle has consistently been an important part of the earliest food memories and emotions, which are attached to the home. The social media campaign inspires the people to remember beautiful and nostalgic memories with Mother’s Pickle Recipe.

The steps involved in pickle making at home are a yearly task, where the majority of the relatives are involved in getting good quality fruits from the bazaar for combining the right masalas as per the traditional recipe formula or drying it on terrace or rooftop on daily. Unripe mangoes, Lemons, and chilies are some of the most common types of pickles. The process of pickle making is a unique journey in itself, both passionately and physically. In current times, we all are busy with rescheduled tasks, so dependence on ready products has risen, but with no settlement on taste and quality. The main aim of the campaign was to facilitate the entire procedure for the consumers and repeat a similar taste with the same old traditional recipes.

Talking about the campaign Sanjana Desai, Executive Director of Mother’s Recipe – Desai Foods said that “They have launched the campaign “Your Traditions Our Pickles”. The idea erupted when we understand that our traditions cannot be contained by the danger of a virus. With all our campaigns we have consistently had confidence in striking an emotional approach with our consumers and their memories. We have more than 50 variants of pickles available for each taste. There are no additional preservatives, no artificial colors.

The Mother’s Recipe items are accessible on its website  Recently the company has joined with food delivery platforms like Swiggy & Big basket to give out a wide range of products from its portfolio. The company also guarantees that all the precautionary steps are taken such as the regular use of hand sanitizers, wearing face mask, hand gloves, proper social distancing, and minimal human contact are strictly followed during the pick-up and the delivery time.


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