Neeman’s dispatches the ReLive Knits Campaign


Neeman’s, a creative footwear brand that utilizes natural, inexhaustible, and biodegradable fiber, has indeed disturbed the Indian footwear market with the dispatch of ‘ReLive Knits’, a shoe made with 100% recycled PET Bottles. 

A digital film was curated with Bhumi Pednekar, a Bollywood entertainer specialist, the lively Mandira Bedi just as ability force to be reckoned with, Samantha Prabhu for the dispatch. The recordings feature the exploring ethos of Neeman’s and its most recent assortment that gloats of solace, manageability, mechanical advancement, and superior design. 

Entertainer second to none and style symbol Bhumi Pednekar was an ideal fit for the mission as she is a famous environment fighter and a promoter of practical living. She epitomizes breaking of limits, and Neeman’s, with the freshest assortment of Sneakers and Slip-On, made with 100% reused PET Bottles has done likewise. 

The really lively entertainer, anchor, originator, and wellness fan Mandira Bedi then again, was an appropriate pick for ReLive Kits as she is a genuine encapsulation of wearing many caps and, in this manner, impeccably channels Neeman’s vision of creating adaptable footgear for whenever wear. 

Samantha Prabhu, a gifted entertainer, and character, impeccably mirrors Neeman’s benefits of breaking generalizations and shaking things up, with exceptional decisions that make her stand separated. 

Neeman revitalizes the Indian footwear industry by utilizing innovation and manageability, by creating a line of shoes that effectively lessens carbon impressions and works towards a superior tomorrow. In ReLive Knits, different materials utilized incorporate bamboo insoles, castor bean oil, natural and recycled rubber making the superior-looking footwear the embodiment of comfort and style. 

Mr. Taran Chhabra, Founder, Neeman’s, says, “We are charmed to give India ReLive Knits, a one-of-a-kind shoe that is made with 100% recycled PET bottles. With this planet-friendly collection, we have made one more critical stride towards establishing footwear that really focuses on the climate without compromising comfort and style. According to the exploration by Quantis, a maintainability counseling bunch, tennis shoe creation represents 1.4% of the worldwide ozone-harming substance emanations. As an unmistakable difference, each pair of the ReLive Knits is made with 8 PET bottles, thus far, we have reused more than 1 million plastic containers for this new maintainable assortment. Not really settled to change how Indians wear shoes, with extra special care.” 

The unisex ReLive Knits Sneakers and Slip-On are accessible in 7 and 5 colors, separately, utilizing a dynamic shading range that genuinely offers something for everybody. Estimated at Rs. 3,299, the assortment will be accessible on Neeman’s official site, just as driving online business stages in the country.

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