Neena Gupta rising to become the favorite of the brands


Neena Gupta had left a post on her social media feed looking for work and started a trend just a couple of years back. In the last two years, her career had entered the second inning and her brand value has risen to a great height which makes her quite popular amongst top labels across the board. She is right now building up more brands than when she was at the peak of her career in the 90s. Neena Gupta came in starting a new tends since the importance of youth because the consumer is of all ages, hence ambassadors in no longer just young people.

The brands range from electronics to food items. She is presently working with many popular brands like Tanishq, Samsung, and Mother Dairy. The cinema project Badhai Ho has brought her back to the spotlight and her recent show on Netflix with her daughter Masaba made her even more popular than before even on platforms.

‘Masala and Sun Dry Microwave Ovens’ series of Samsung had Neena Gupta on board for their series while they launched #HomefestivalHome. The campaign that inspired people to stay at home and bond with family and friend while keeping the festivals live which was perfect for the actor. The brand onboarded Gupta because of her relatable factor alongside many actors, influencer, and IPL team “Mumbai Indians”.

Trivikram Thakore the senior director of Samsung India commented that Neena Gupta and her daughter are the perfect combinations for the modern poise and style. For the new line of Samsung, it was natural for them to be picked for Masala and Sun Dry Microwave Ovens. The mother-daughter duo has blended perfectly in their storytelling and was able to connect with today’s world.

 The Tanishq festival season ad had made Gupta pair up with three other actors across the age categories, by this it means that this is breaking the norm of youth-centric ads in the country. When the Mother Diary launched their #PaneerPackedhHaiTohSafeHai they thought Neena Gupta would be the perfect fit. Based on the recent sources the actor is in various stages of negotiation with three to four brands across genres for endorsement deals.


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