NESCAFÉ new ad– ‘Karne Se Hee Hona Hai’ released


Nescafé’s exciting new ad restores its position as your cup of resolve. A mug of Nescafé is all we need before we enter on a new journey as the COVID-induced lockdown restrictions are being relaxed.

For many of us, our day starts with a hot mug of coffee, for many, it is the fuel that gets their engine up and running once they wake up from slumber. In 2020, many of us have fallen into a hibernation of sorts, with the coming of the global Coronavirus pandemic, and then the lockdowns followed by. Nescafé’s new ad gives you a wake-up push and jerks you up and ready now that the lockdown is lifted in most parts of the nation.

The ad features a group of youngsters the millennials, who are seen preparing and pushing themselves up to start a new chapter in their lives post Covid-19, to move with the new normal. It says ‘Karne se hee hona hai’, meaning ‘Only doing will make it possible’.The and has a background score with the lyrics, “Nobody said it’s going to be easy. But hope has to start flying once again.” The young people are shown sipping their cup of Nescafé early morning, refresh themselves waking up their minds.

The ad then shows them work on their hobbies and dream projects, like setting up a studio to run online dance channels and run a ‘Happy News Today’ YouTube channel. It’s exactly like the lyrical meaning of the song which says, “It is in taking action that we will make it possible…”
It’s fascinating to see how Nescafé has traveled its way from a beverage to becoming our ‘cup of resolve’ over these years. Its ‘stuttering stand up comic’ ad in 2014, a perfect example of brand positioning.

Sunayan Mitra, the director, coffee & beverages, Nestlé India, says, “The spirit of will power and perseverance is the essence of this new ad, wherein a cup of Nescafé is an ally, in the journey towards determined living, with a purpose, irrespective of the situations. The challenges, as a result of the present crisis, are remarkable.”

Prasoon Joshi, the CEO and chief creative officer, McCann India, added, “At a time when India is rebuilding after a prolonged crisis, Nescafé, through its new ad, shows the spirit of purposiveness and resilience. The phrase ‘Karne se hee hona hai’ captures the positivity, optimism, and hope of today’s youth, and those who take it upon themselves to be at the front line to restart, bring life and purpose into their passion.”


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