Maggi’s new campaign celebrating the Indian Spices


Maggi Masala noodles have always been dear to everyone since the last four decades and have been a part of every individuals’ kitchen. So, in order to celebrate India’s rich and diversified heritage of indigenous herbs and spices Nestlé India has launched a new Maggi Special Masala Noodles campaign. The campaign aims to highlight all those ingredients which make our country and the taste of Maggi unique.

The campaign by Maggi tries to take all its customers on a journey where they are showing a very large variety of Indian herbs and spices which Maggi has been using. The company had stated in one of its statement “The spice-box in the kitchen has been a regular thing for so many of us as we grew up. This incredibly important spice box with its herbs and spices becomes a special box which can convert any dish into a delicious meal by giving life to even the easiest of preparations.”

“It has been almost four decades that Maggi Masala Noodles have been a part of almost every cuisine. We’ve seen a whole generation of people growing in these four decades to enjoy the iconic taste of MAGGI. Through this time we gained a deeper understanding of customer taste tastes and rich Indian heritage of spices and herbs. This combines to make MAGGI Special Masala noodles that leave a lasting taste of the vibrant spices of India in every bite,” said Nikhil Chand, director of Food & Confectionery, Nestlé India while talking about the campaign.

Maggi through this campaign is trying to take its consumers on a journey, showing a wide range of spices and herbs which are found across India. When integrated, these best ingredients create the beloved MAGGI Special Masala noodles from India, a classic recipe made with 20 spices and herbs from all across India that defines MAGGI’s special masala experience.

Moreover, Nestlé has also launched a campaign for Nescafe, ‘Karne se hi hona hai’ (Doing will only make it possible), to connect with its people. It aims at empowering millennials to embrace these opportunities and motivate them mentally to restart their lives with renewed attention and energy.


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