New ad of Apple Watch shows the health benefits


Apple had posted a video from the ‘Time Flies’ event hosted on 15 September on YouTube last week. The “Device that Saved My Life” is about Apple Watch’s health benefits. With three nearly touching stories, the nearly two-minute advertisement pulls your heartstrings.

There’s the guy who saved over Rs 2000 on medicines because he used the watch to boost his strength, then there’s the guy whose watch alerted about an oncoming heart attack, as well as an athlete who, despite Type 1 diabetes, can compete at competitive levels because Apple Watch helps her to easily monitor insulin levels.

At the Time Flies launch event, Apple introduced its flagship device, the Apple Watch Series 6, now filled with much more functions such as measuring blood oxygen saturation and enhanced battery. The Apple Watch SE was added to it on the same iPhone SE lines-targeted at first-time buyers.

More recently, Leo Burnett’s latest ad campaign for the IPL, produced by Apple India, shifted away from its normal theme-signature music, white music, and trendy gadget shots. Rather, it concentrated on how the iPhone was used by normal Indians.

Apple took its online store to Indian shores on 23 September. The latest online service would provide consumers with the same quality experience offered in Apple store areas around the globe, provided by members of the online team who’ve been ready to offer their expertise, a press statement said.

Heart Rate notification

In the background, Apple Watch scans for extremely high or low heart rates that may be signs of a severe underlying disorder. This might help you and your patients recognize circumstances that might warrant further assessment. The user will receive a warning if a patient’s heart rate is just above 120 bpm below the 40 bpm when they seem to have been inactive for 10 minutes. Patients may change the bpm threshold or turn these warnings on or off. In the Health app on the iPhone, all heart rate alerts can be shown along with date, time and heart rate.

ECG app

Patients experiencing symptoms such as fast or skipped heartbeat, or receiving erratic rhythm warning, may catch an ECG and record their symptoms with the ECG app on Apple Watch Series 4 or later. This real-world knowledge will help you to make more informed and timely decisions about further assessment and treatment.

Irregular rhythm notification

Occasionally, the irregular rhythm warning scans for signs of irregular rhythms that may indicate atrial fibrillation (AFib). This functionality may not detect all AFib incidents but may capture something which can provide an early indicator to your patients that any further evaluation may be required.


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