New FDI rules make Yahoo India shut down news websites


The government law on foreign ownership of digital news companies makes Yahoo India shut down content ops and websites, except for Yahoo Search and Yahoo Mail.

In India, Yahoo has shut down its news websites due to the new foreign direct investment rules. The rules regulate foreign ownership of media companies that manage and publish digital content in India.

This includes Yahoo News, Yahoo Cricket, Finance, Entertainment, and MAKERS India. This will not affect users of Yahoo e-mail and search experiences in India.

 By August 26th, 2021, no longer Yahoo India will not be sharing content. There will be no effect on our Yahoo Account, Mail, and Search experiences and will operate as usual.

 The company has ceased the edition of content in India and has shut down Yahoo’s content operations.

Yahoo India has been affected by changes to governing laws in India. And also restrict the foreign control of media companies that operate and write digital content in India. For the last 20 years, Yahoo has had a long association with India and local content produced to our users.

Yahoo Cricket has a news component, impacted under the new FDI regulations that limit foreign ownership companies that manage and publish digital content in India in the News and Current Affairs space. It always remains open to opportunities that connect to users here.

As per the new laws that come into effect in October, digital media companies in India can get up to a 26 percent stake in foreign investment subject to approval from the central government.

The changes do not affect users in any way. This will not impact Yahoo Mail and Yahoo Search, where it will remain to server users in India without any change.

Facing the brunt of the command also Yahoo’s popular cricket offering Yahoo Cricket. Despite it revolving around sports, Yahoo Cricket has a news component, which is why it was impacted under regulations.

In a statement, the company repeated that it did not come to this decision lightly. And provided its long relationship with India, it remains open to opportunities that connect it to its users here.

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