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India, a nation of many cultures, religions, and socioeconomic levels, now depicts a quickly shifting homogenous to a heterogeneous environment with ever-changing demands and choices. The key factor that can serve as the foundation for growth in such a society is information. Personalized information can help one live a better life.

With this assumption in mind, Axis My India, India’s leading consumer data analytics business, has launched an audacious goal to empower 250 million Indian homes through its Mission Himalaya – Unchi Udaan Roadmap Initiative. The firm has pledged to launch India’s first Two-Way Communication & Facilitation platform as part of this endeavour. This platform will serve a dual purpose of bridging the gap between metros, small towns, and remote villages in the hinterland by providing everyone with an aggregated platform to gather relevant information and voice their grievances, where citizens can connect with relevant stakeholders, government authorities, and corporates/brands, who can listen and solve these issues.

The platform’s workflow will be as follows: Users will be able to enter data in 13 different languages via a variety of media, including applications, text, audio, video, email, and even pen and paper papers. Because the platform is not limited to smartphone users, deliveries of all types will be allowed. To generate tailored experiences, a database-based approach will be utilised to develop targeted content as well as perception and loyalty profiles.

As a result of the platform’s efforts, more jobs will be available in small towns and villages. This will be accomplished by consolidating listings of self-employed craftsmen and women in a single repository, then providing them with information on job openings that are suited to their skill set.

Furthermore, the corporate sector may benefit from precise and authentic information on real challenges on the ground to better spend their CSR money, as well as measuring true brand/company valuation and demand across demographics and location, which would be helpful information when combining businesses. Additionally, the site will give users hyperlocal linguistic material and entertainment, as well as an effective micro-targeted advertising potential for corporations. Corporations and governments may work together on initiatives of essential significance, thus reinforcing and expanding the public-private partnership ethos, thanks to the platform’s role as an intermediary.

According to Axis My India’s Chairman and Managing Director, Pradeep Gupta, “we aim to leverage our scale and experience to make a real difference in the lives of common Indians.”

Through UPI and other Aadhar-related beneficiary programmes, the platform would formalise the rural economy. Our vast country will also benefit from micro-level specifications such as geospatial dialect recognition, lite versions of the app with a simple UX to facilitate adoption among new smartphone users as well as data privacy policies that are on par with global benchmarks for data protection and privacy.

In collaboration with major technology partners, Axis My India is presently in the advanced phases of development and will soon deploy a prototype version of the platform.

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