FILING OF ECR:   Link your Aadhar with UAN


Employee Provident Fund Organisation is providing service only to the employees who have linked their Aadhar number with Universal Account Number (UAN).  If it is not linked, the withdrawal or transfer of provident funds may become an obstacle.

As a part of this, employers should file the electronic challan-cum-returns (ECR) with EPFO. The ECR can be filed for the employees who have affixed their Aadhar number with the universal account number (UAN). The rule was announced and implemented by the 1st of June 2021, but it has been extended till 2021 September.    

As of now employees those are not linked their Aadhar number with UAN need to be seed their details before the deadline. Employers should take care of this and make sure that all the employees are aware of this new rule and use this extended time to link the above mentioned details. Employers must communicate to the employees about the consequences of non-linking as well as the proper guidance on the completion of linking process.

In case if the employee is not linking his Aadhar number with his Universal Account Number (UAN), he will not receive his provident fund in the future and employer also can’t remit PF to his employee.  If you have not seeded your Aadhar number with UAN, link as soon as possible. Employees can check their status in EPFO employee portal and upload know Your Customer (KYC) documents. If the status is showing incomplete even after few days of uploading KYC documents must be communicate with employer, keep track, and follow up.  Due to the extension of this deadline for linking Aadhar number with UAN employers will not able to inform to their employee’s provident fund (PF) and salary details with Employee Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO).

As an employee, you are paying an equal amount from your monthly salary and getting a proper return with interest upon your retirement or switching of job in the form of a provident fund.  You are the one who always keeps attention and action at right time for your money. So as am employee if you are not able to link your Aadhar number with UAN yet, do promptly. 

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