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Artificial Intelligence is revolutionizing marketing strategies in diverse ways. AI helps in optimization, speed, enhancing customer interaction, and increasing conversions. Artificial Intelligence is at its full potential regarding digital marketing.

Because of its capabilities and cost-effectiveness and also direct reach, Emails are the most efficient method in digital marketing. They ensure a direct approach. This is all because of the help from Artificial Intelligence. They help in personalization, automation, and data processing.

AI Helps to Build your Email Marketing 

Creating Email subject lines on its own:  AI drafts your Email on its own. They are powerful enough to draft a complete Email using Natural Language Generation (NLG). They draft Emails better than that of humans which eventually improves open rates and revenue.

Easily customizing the copy for each person: AI doesn’t just simply draft Emails instead they are skilled to draft them for any person. In short Artificial Intelligence is capable of drafting universal Emails on their own which appeals to any audience, category, or person.

Reorganizing your Email marketing strategies: AI can also break down the marketing Emails into diverse subcategories, therefore, optimizing the inbox distribution.

Send times can be optimized: AI can also be used to maximize the send Emails on a per-recipient basis. This helps you to make sure that your Emails are seen by the recipient.

Automated newsletters: AI can also be used to send hand-curated newsletters on a person’s choice and likes.

How Artificial Intelligence will aid your Email writing

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have emerged in such a way that they can even understand the subject and content would most likely react to. They get all kinds of data of users which helps them to easily figure out what kind of Emails would the audience get engaged into.

Each subject line is personalized and written with the help of Natural Language Processing. Thus leading to an outcome that cannot be distinguished whether written by a human or computer. 

Listed below are two tools that will help you with Email Marketing

Boomtrain: This is a platform that is capable of instantly personalizing the contents. This will result in an increased number of views, user interaction, and profit.

Phrasee: Phrasee collect required data from your contacts and is capable to analyse how they would react. Phrasee will keep on learning, it gets better on its own by usage. This is a form of AI that focuses on email marketing optimization.

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