New product from Xiaomi: running shoes


The latest ad for Xiaomi’s strolling footwear made us take a better look at the mechanisms of product extension and emblem diversification.

When we noticed an ad movie for Xiaomi’s “feature-packed” running footwear – labeled so by way of Xiaomi’s senior advertising supervisor Sandeep Sarma inside the video – in advance this month. Maybe footwear had been a part of the enterprise’s portfolio for a while, but advertising efforts seem to have picked up now, at least in India.

Most comfortably delivered to thoughts as a ‘Chinese mobile phone brand’, Xiaomi has diverse into products near smartphones, like laptops, smart TVs, electricity banks, security cameras, fitness bands, and so forth., as well as products barely farther faraway from the arena of phones, like air purifiers, electric powered toothbrushes, baggage, beard trimmers, sun shades, garb, and backpacks, among others. But Xiaomi’s shoes stand out as one of the greater outlandish permutations of new times.

Sure, large agencies like Amazon and Google – notwithstanding the argument that they may be ‘locations’ greater than manufacturers – have come a long way from the goods they began out with. And if one goes searching, similar examples, of variously sized corporations, are anywhere.

So, even as it’s no longer diversification consistent with that’s extraordinary, Xiaomi’s shoes have led us to two questions – How some distance is just too a long way? and feature the guidelines of engagement modified?

Greater in particular, within the context of product diversification, does heritage count number much less today than it did inside the past? Does the classical idea of affiliation now not follow? Are brands not as strongly described by using their classes today as they were once? Or is the sport no longer approximately diversification, however, more approximately growing a ‘house of manufacturers’?

The first element that comes to thoughts is – are the footwear tech-enabled? If sure, the adjacency is more proper. The promotional video did function the shoes in a ‘gadgety’ manner, and it allows that the variety changed into brought at ‘Smarter residing’, the enterprise’s annual ‘release occasion’ for devices.

Earlier this year, Xiaomi announced that it’s far setting out operations in the electric-powered automobiles section, in China. It would be interesting to peer how this diversification plays out for the emblem, and whether it could ascribe motive and that means to this crackling new foray.

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