New short video app –‘Josh’ by Dailyhunt


Dailyhunt recently launched a short video app –Josh. Umang Bedi, Co-founder, Dailyhunt, and Virendra Gupta, Founder Dailyhunt, recently spoke about their new offering, the developing focus on the Indian app system, and the way ahead for digital content publishers.

Umang Bedi, Co-founder, Dailyhunt comment that Our strategic purpose is to create a third-platform of choice through a growing ecosystem for our users, publishers, partners and advertisers who are focused on local languages to counter the duopoly. Their aim of Dailyhunt is to that want to own the mindshare, timeshare, and the revenue share of local language users. Also be the biggest digital media that is enabling a billion Indians to distribute and consume content that informs, improves, and entertains.

In the last two years, the company has witnessed extensive growth. Ever since March, when the country went into lockdown, Dailyhunt started organizing and creating a lot of content. The company wants to own the mindshare, timeshare, and the revenue share of local language users through the format of short videos. They launched Josh completely in two weeks. Their short video app is proudly made in India and the quickest growing and most engaging app in the country.

The response to Josh app has been mysterious. Actually, in 45 days it has become the top-rated app with 50 million downloads and 23 million people coming to the app every day and spend at least 21 minutes. It has a billion video plays a day and 5 million people performing content. With the current rate of growth, we can expect that in the next 60 to 90 days they will double all the numbers. It is truly made in India, made in Bharat for Bharat by Bharat in 14 Bharatiya languages, and also it has already replaced TikTok by getting a large part of that user base.

It is a great thing that a lot of Indian companies are building new apps. We need to imagine the new Bharat. In India, more marketers enter the market and it will help it grow and we will learn from each other. In this segment on short video apps and other apps where young entrepreneurs are coming with bold ideas to win the Indian app system and export it to the world.



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