New ways to increase creative effectiveness of brands and agencies- Cannes Lions and WARC


The new white paper” cracking the Effectiveness Code” introduced by the Cannes Lions and WARC reveals that creativity and effectiveness of marketers must go hand in hand to achieve the best results from the campaign. In 2019 the marketing effectiveness experts James Hurman and Peter Field started a global study aimed at highlighting short-termism in marketing and a misunderstanding of how brands grow as the key factors in the crisis

Peter Field, in his 2019 report, about the crisis in creating effectiveness, remarked that the power of creativity ‘a most valuable weapon in the effectiveness arsenal’ has been vanished due to mishandling. This remark forced Cannes Lions and WARC, a global authority on marketing effectiveness to join hands with Hurman and Field to conduct a detailed study on the subject.

While taking 5000 effectiveness award entrants and winners from 2011 to 2019, the contribution of Cannes creative effectiveness lions database is 1031 cases and the contribution of the WARC’s database is 3616 cases and the contribution of IPA databank is 216 cases. From this a new principle of effectiveness has been discovered, the research found that marketing effectiveness is heavily influenced by a campaign’s “ creative commitment” which consist of its media budget, duration, and media channel distribution plan. 

The creative effectiveness ladder, a universal framework to assess the progress and enable creative campaigns. Hurman pointed out that while the industry prizes effectiveness, it didn’t have a universal definition of what effectiveness is. He added that on behalf of Cannes Lions and WARC, they are urging clients and agencies to work to increase the creative commitment of their campaigns, to ensure they are maximizing the results for their brands.

The vice president of WARCDavid Tiltman said that the creative effectiveness is a huge step forward for the industry and also the managing director of Cannes Lions, Simon Cook said that they are committed to addressing the global community challenges with short-termism and proving the value of creative marketing.


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