Nielsen Improves Digital Ad Identity System


Nielsen has announced the release of an improved Nielsen Identity System for Digital Advertising Rates in 15 markets with effect from February 1, 2022.

To combat the problem of cookie erosion and mobile advertising and to prepare for an increasingly fragmented future, Nielsen has previously announced a change in the rating of digital audiences.

Nielsen leads the industry by providing a comprehensive human-based rating across all devices, eliminating duplication in all forums and publishers. Nielsen Identity System works to integrate proprietary data obtained by Nielsen as a way to integrate across the media ecosystem.

Advertisers and publishers can use the Nielsen rating confidently knowing that when a digital ad is viewed then the estimated demographics are appropriately distributed and audiences are drawn across all mobile and PC platforms to achieve real-based metrics.

Nielsen achieves this by way of uniquely combining Nielsen belongings with third-birthday celebration statistics sets in comparison to virtual sets.

Following its release in the UK, Italy, and France on 1st February, the Enhanced Nielsen Identity System for Digital Advertising Standards is scheduled for release in Japan, Australia, India, and Germany on April 1; Spain, Brazil, Indonesia, and Canada 1 May; and Singapore, Mexico, Thailand, and Hong Kong on June 1st.

Nielsen plans to roll out the upgraded identification system to all different markets with monthly cadence following its first launch in 2022. Further, Nielsen is pleased to proportionate, that it maintains to leverage and expand our partnership with both global and local records companies to improve the Nielsen identification system.

Today Nielsen has added more than 2 billion free copies to all markets in the Identity System, which is growing every day. Sarah Miller, SVP, Product Management at Nielsen commented “With this development of our Ownership System we are taking another step to ensure the duration of ad measurement within a rapidly evolving digital ecosystem.

Thanks to Nielsen’s unique data assets, we can not only streamline and correct the data of a third-party licensed user registration using panels, but we also create machine learning algorithms to integrate digital identities into individuals and correct any possible inequalities from the consumer market.

It is this way of advanced data science driven by the massive Nielsen Identities that will enable digital ad measurement in the future. ” “Nielsen continues to transform its technology and independent audience rating systems as the industry itself progresses in the use of media ratings,” said Sean Cohan, Nielsen’s Chief Growth Officer and President, International.

“Nielsen’s strategic balancing function places the business enterprise in a position to deliver without problems available digital and virtual audiences as a part of the Nielsen ONE.”

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