Nivea is going green with its new ‘Nivea Care Box’


With the onset of the ‘green revolution’, many companies are trying to make their brands more appealing to the eco-conscious consumer. Nivea is the latest example of this with the introduction of their ‘Nivea Care Box‘.

The ‘Nivea Care Box’ aims to promote eco-friendly packing of the products that it ships through Amazon. These materials are 100% recyclable and are sturdy enough to protect the products in transit. This packaging method is hassle-free and ready-to-ship The box also excludes the use of bubble wrap and even packing tape to ensure that the packing stays true to its ecological commitment. With the ‘Care’ branding, the company hopes to create an impression that it is looking beyond the prospect of skincare and to the larger social responsibility of environmental care as well.

As e-commerce continues to boom in India it is clear that companies have the option of cutting down the cost needed for designing and producing enticing packaging as the customer is aware of the products that they purchase online. The company aims to increase its customer base by promoting their products and packing as a whole as environmentally sustainable The new packing is 10 to 15% lighter as it comes straight from the manufacturer. At the same time, Amazon also saves the time and effort required for each box as they can be shipped as it is. Nivea has successfully created a packaging solution where everyone including the environment is a winner. 

Mr. Somanath Das, the supply chain director for Nivea, said that the company is committed to serving the greater community with the introduction of their ‘Care box packing’ packaging initiatives. Mr. Mrunmay Mehta, category leader of beauty and luxury beauty, Amazon India, came out with a supporting statement that Nivea’s initiatives were in line with Amazon’s vision for providing sustainable products to their customers. The company plans on rolling out the packaging for a limited number of products initially and then expanding it into the product lines. The company has taken initiative in the field of sustainability packing cosmetic products and other major manufactures are sure to follow suit. 


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