Nomad Pizza Promises a Tour for your Tastebuds with Each Slice!


New Delhi, 19th September, 2022– A brand synonymous with true blue pizza and travel lovers, Nomad Pizza brings another memorable voyage for its clientele’s tastebuds with an all new menu! 

Opening its doors in September 2019, the eatery won hearts by serving pizza flavours from around the world ranging from America to Korea, growing swiftly. Using only premium quality ingredients, the brand adds the flavour notes of a new country to its menu quarterly- keeping the drools of anticipation and excitement intact. Here’s what to expect in the new menu: 

A fantastic fusion: Nomad Pizza’s new launch includes a Thai Pizza in a vegetarian and non vegetarian variant – spicy and flavourful promising a scrumptious zing. Try the heart Detroit Pizza: a rectangular shaped pizza with a thick golden brown crust and an array of toppings. There’s more to love: a new addition features 15 inch pizzas from a diner’s favourite New York pizza menu : the perfect order for a celebration, large gathering or for a day of self bingeing. 

To satiate one’s sweet cravings: the menu also 5 new Calzone Desserts to choose from! 

All the pizzas from the new menu will be available across Delhi NCR, Chandigarh, Jaipur and Bangalore while the Calzone Desserts will be available at Vasant Kunj, Malviya Nagar & New Friends Colony initially.

Dig in and devour a new range of delicacies with Nomad Pizza today!
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