NordVPN teams: Cyberattack threat to Digital Marketers


According to Expert Market Research, the global digital marketing business is presently worth $305 billion (£220 billion) and is anticipates to grow to $807 billion (£581BN) by 2026, with a 17.6% CAGR.

Cybercriminals are constantly fighting for a share in these expanding industries. Every day, hundreds of marketing businesses are targets of cyberattacks, and some of them always surrender to the attacks.

Furthermore, big corporations are not the only ones who are vulnerable. According to Hiscox, 23 per cent of small companies survived cyberattacks last year, and one in every six victims believes their company existence is in jeopardy as a result.

The fact that you are attempting to reach several people through marketing tactics makes you an attractive target for hackers. Consider posting a seemingly harmless link on your social media profile and having people click on it. However, if that link contains malware, all people who clicked on it will be affected. And the harm will be even more severe if the attack achieves through a reputable online source.

Cyberattacks can be costly. Cybercrime estimate to cost a whopping $6 trillion in damages, according to cybersecurity experts.

According to Juta Gurinaviciute, CTO of NordVPN Teams, “The marketing business handles a lot of data regularly. It raises the possibility of data being leaked or intercepted. Because the market moves so quickly, data protection often takes place later, when it should be the foundation.”

As the number of third-party solutions, platforms, and APIs used by marketers rises, so does the risk of their data being accessible as it travels through more and more databases.

Gurinaviciute added, “It is impossible to determine that our partners have total control over your data. As a result, selecting a partner with robust data protection rules should be a key concern for all marketers. Breach of a third-party provider might be costly, economical, or respectable. It may be costly.”

NordVPN Teams must ensure that marketers are well qualified to detect possible cyber risks and respond appropriately, in addition to validating that third-party supplier’s process data correctly. 

Gurinaviciute continues, “The data shows that more than 80% of successful data breaches are due to human mistake. That is why businesses must invest in cybersecurity training. Employees must be able to detect risks and adhere to safe internet procedures to remain secure.”

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