This is a pioneering effort in the nation that will combine hydrogen and PNG. The amount of hydrogen added to the overall gas supply will be mixed at first at a rate of 5% and then progressively increased to 20%.

The NTPC Kawas residential community in Aditya Nagar in Hazira will receive gas for 200 homes, according to a statement from the public sector power firm. NTPC stated that doing this will result in an annual reduction of 200 kg in carbon emissions. The initiative also plans to use 200 homes’ worth of 100 standard cubic meters of gas each day. A 6.5KW polymer electrolyte membrane will be used at the plant to create one standard cubic meter of air each hour (CMH). The hydrogen generation facility will be powered by electricity generated by an NTPC Kawas has a floating solar power plant with a 1 MW capacity.

To improve the country’s environmental impact, NTPC has increased its green portfolio by adopting renewable energy projects. The green hydrogen natural gas blending project at the Kawas was one of NTPC’s upcoming green projects. India’s pledge to the COP-26 UN Climate Change Conference in Glasgow is congruent with NTPC’s capacity expansion program. Prime Minister Narendra Modi laid the project’s foundation stone on Saturday together with the NTPC Nokh Solar Project in Jaisalmer and the Green Hydrogen Mobility Project in Leh, Ladakh.

To advance the nation’s decarburization goals and Carbon Neutral Ladakh (CNL), NTPC has started the nation’s first hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicle project in Leh. The green hydrogen mobility effort in Leh, Ladakh, is the first pilot project with the deployment of fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs) for public use in India. Furthermore, the Rajasthan town of Nokh is home to NTPC’s 735 MW Solar This 1000 MWp solar project is the most significant Domestic Content Requirement (DCR)-based solar project in India. It uses high-wattage bifacial PV Modules with a tracker machine.

The project will offer the best energy yield output possible while maximizing the utilization of solar energy obtained thanks to the tracker technology It makes use of tracker systems and high-wattage bifacial PV modules.

India’s dedication to the Glasgow COP-26 UN climate trade conference aligns with NTPC’s ability improvement application.

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