The Shikhar Dhawan Foundation Invites Applications to adopt 11 NGOs


The Shikhar Dhawan Foundation, has unfolded the applications for the Impact 11 program by Shikhar Dhawan’s non-benefit association, with the expectation to assist individuals out of luck and help the associations working for the govt. the assistance of the final public.

We act as an empowering agent by building the boundaries of the NGOs and customary society associations. We tackle and brood NGOs working for various foundations for a time of a year, in the course of which we furnish them with direction and backing in several perspectives like versatility, hierarchical construction, innovation, manageability, marking, and showcasing among others.

 The point is to pursue resolving the problem of giving quality schooling, hunger destruction, work creation, the annihilation of destitution, ignorance, and different issues which are pervasive within the general public. The Shikhar Dhawan Foundation will waitlist and tackle 11 NGOs for one year, through an enlistment interaction.

 Non-benefit associations that try to form manageable answers for social issues can apply to the urge taken on by the Shikhar Dhawan Foundation. The establishment will assist these NGOs with one-on-one coaching for the on-basis and guide them with different critical thinking processes.

Mr. Shikhar Dhawan, the organizer behind the association, said, “I’m exceptionally glad to start a drive which will augment individuals who need assistance. this can be only a bit step towards a superior and more brilliant time to return. Mera ye maanna hai that we should be empathetic towards each living being, chaahe wo insaan ho, creature ho. Also, humari group bahut diligent hai, I’ve got ensured that we’ve got the most effective group founded for something similar. I wish to go with the entire group and anticipate cooperating and executing the plans within the most ideal way.”

Mr. Amitesh Shah, Group CEO DA-ONE (A drive of Shikhar Dhawan), expressed, “The establishment includes a primary reason – to lose the social issues and help individuals in need gradually. That’s all there was thereto, and that we will execute the contemplations behind the establishment. We trust that we show this drive as a test and satisfy the overall target of getting the change and making it into a serious change. I need the group to enjoy all that life must offer.”

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