The COVID has made some of the industries miserable during the year 2020 and due to that these industries have been inactive for some time but now they are hoping to regain their market. OOH, experts are hoping for a brighter future for economic growth in the year 2021. The industry has been ideating and re-inventing itself throughout 2020. It has been confirmed that the company has been growing stronger in pDOOH and DOOH avenues. An affinity with brands has gained due to ROI led opportunities, and even new categories have been made onboard. To keep up with the changing landscape focuses on digital strategies has increased.

To adapt to the new market the OOH companies have decided to give focus on inventories. The changes that they want will likely happen in the year 2021. In terms of investing in OOH, data will play an important role in the decision-making process is the first thing. In last year to arrive at finalized decisions to spends, and geographies to spend there was the belief of the client in various third-party data. The second thing is the fast unlocking of all the touchpoints where the Digital OOH inventory was locked up, which is the unlocking process. In 2021 DOOH will form a significant part of media plans by gaining momentum. Finally, the static media backed by data will have to work hard, to continue the momentum they have to rates the benefit. OOH is hoping for overall growth albeit from the second half of the year since the announcement of vaccines for the pandemic. Focusing on the aspects of technology like improved measurements, programmed planning, and execution, and unified digital media platforms that gives consent to multiple screens to buy from a single source.

Technology advanced platforms are what the brands and advertisers will rely on that help them serve the DOOH campaign. Digital platforms are used for alignment by the platforms which would lead to supercharging the media outcome. A powerful performance marketing channel that drives both digital and direct conversion is likely the result of the OOH system. The key drivers are the programmatic DOOH approach, and digital screens in the upcoming year making a very big contribution to OOH media spends. Other possible plans to get the growth would be the union of DOOH with the mainstream digital media.

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