Opportunities in Location-Based Marketing Strategies for Business


Location-based marketing involves online and offline tactics designed to promote the business to people through the context of their location. Businesses plan and implement marketing strategies based on geographic locations. Marketing to people based on their location is important for every brand and it isn’t just reserved for large corporations; small businesses can also use this powerful marketing strategy to drive more targeted customers to their store.

The increasing trend of people staying online these days and consumers spending more time daily on mobile devices, location-based advertising tries to grab the opportunity to target mobile device users. This smart marketing strategy helps them to generate more business, it would make the segmentation easier gradually results in better returns. Collecting, analysing, and using location data can help businesses generate more engagement on their promotions. Segmentation is about grouping customers based on interests, attributes, and activities which helps the business to address the consumers with more personalised or customised products and services.

This strategy increases the likelihood of reaching the potential leads. There are several ways to start using online location-based marketing tactics to market the business.

Local SEO typically refers to the organic traffic generated from google My Business listing for consumers searching for businesses that offer a specific good or service.

Businesses can improve the local SEO by creating location-specific content on concerned website, encouraging reviews from the customers, and optimizing the Google My Business listing.

Inserting location-specific keywords into the website content will help get the website found by people searching for the product or service in a particular area.

The location tags and hashtags in posts on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are another great way to tie the business to the local area and get discovered by people who live there and those that are visiting.

There is a massive opportunity in the location-specific data and segmentation options with the Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising campaigns. Location-based targeting lets the businesses filter the audience that has access to the PPC advertisements. This helps the business to target a specific group based on location which help them to avoid wasted clicks from people outside their targeted area.


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