Outbrain announces the release of the Engagement Bid Strategy


Outbrain has declared the release of the Engagement Bid Strategy (EBS), a new automatic performance optimization solution that does not require the use of 3rd party cookies or website tracking codes and can be optimized to a wider range of promotions goals.

Outbrain is a web suggestion platform founded in 2006 by Co-Founder and Co-CEO Yaron Galai and Co-Founder, Chief Technology Officer and General Manager, Ori Lahav. The company’s headquartered in New York City. The company generates income for online publishers by showing feeds of content and ads, or boxes of links, known as chum boxes, to pages within a website or mobile platform. Advertisers pay Outbrain on a pay-per-click basis and a portion of that income is shared with publishers.

Advertisers typically pay on a pay-per-click basis and publishers generate revenue from external clicks. Approximately 75 percent of that revenue is paid to the site or app which presented the Outbrain link. Outbrain shares advertising revenue with publishers who applied their feeds or links on their sites, which are sometimes mentioned as chum boxes

The quality of Outbrains recommendations has been debated. The new solution automatically optimizes advertisement creative serving and adjusts cost-per-click bidding by analyzing data from the advertiser website analytics system.

“We keep creative for marketers overhead of the curve,” said Yaron Galai, Founder and Co-CEO of Outbrain. “EBS is exclusively designed to help marketers drive promotions performance in a cookieless world.”

“We evaluate Promotion performance and audience character data straight from the advertiser analytics system and automatically optimize the campaign for you,” said Lior Charka, Vice President, Product at Outbrain. “As brands are conflicting for customer attention, we anticipated that the addition of attention metrics within our platform will help marketers optimize their campaigns towards user intent in a cookieless manner while driving long term outcomes.”

EBS does not require any Promotion tracking code sometimes referred to as a ‘performance pixel’ to be installed on the advertiser website making Promotions set up and performance much simpler and faster.

Outbrain is announcing more about their creative products at its 2022 annual advertising innovation conference ‘disclose’ which will take place on March 17 for APAC.

Unveil 2022 will be a fully virtual event characterized by Outbrain’s Creativity, Performance, and Simplicity solutions. 

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