Cloudflare launches a Web Analytics tool for Website Owners


Every business needs to have a website to create a digital presence and attract customers. But how do you check your performance? The answer is Web analytics, which helps in tracking the performance of the website. It helps us to understand what kind of device users are using, what are their activity on the website, in which sections they are spending more time. As a result, we get to know about customer’s preferences, how they interact with the website in order to improve the website and enhance the experience of the visiting customers.

Most of the web analytics service providers are ad-tech companies that add third-party scrips to the website that tracks the website visitors and advertisement according to their web activity is presented to them. The Website Owner has to pay to access the users’ data. The business model of these ad-tech companies is of selling more and more advertisements to the users based on their activity. Due to this, website owners have to compromise on the privacy of user data to get information about their performance. But the accuracy of data is not ensured as the visitors with ad blockers excluded from the count.

With Cloudflare Web Analytics you can get just the right tools for this job, giving the site owners insights of the key traffic stats. Cloudflare recently launched Cloudflare Web Analytics to provide precise, clear, and free analytics to anyone who wants to measure the performance of their website without compromising with the private data of their visitors.

Website owners can control the data of their users and look into key metrics of the traffic on their site.  Site owners don’t have to rely on third-party scripts to track their users and retarget them with advertisements. And best of all Cloudflare Web Analytics will be free to use for any site owner whether they are existing customers or not.

Cloudflare Web Analytics does not track the users across the web but on their website only, to provide clear and accurate information about the performance of the website. Hence, it maintains the private data of the users as well. Cloudflare already accepts the requests from various site on their network and provide accurate and transparent without adding any third-party analytics script to a site. It measures a visitor based on the source of each request rather than learning user behavior through their activities. It also does not get blocked by ad-blockers crediting to the accuracy of counting.

Cloudflare also filters out the automated Bot traffic when combined with Cloudflare’s Bot Management tool preventing the biased analytic results.  Cloudflare paid customers can take advantage of its Web Analytics by today with a click on their dashboard. Others have to wait for the coming month to use this accurate transparent and privacy-friendly Web Analytics tool.


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