Panasonic brings in digital factory through its new IIoT platform MirAIe


Technology has been rapidly evolving in the past century, and it continues its leap and bound in the 21st century also. Panasonic, a Japanese multinational conglomerate has developed an Industrial IoT platform named MirAIe, which is a smart factory solution.

The platform uses novel technological interfaces like IoT, mobile application, cloud, analytics etc to efficiently manage end-to-end operations in a factory. This smart solution thus contributes to the enhancement of quality, reducing downtime, increasing production efficiency and identifying issues on time.

Miraie is an efficient tool for Indian manufacturers to digitize factories. Its pilot projects have shown an increase of up to 15% in manufacturing facility productivity. This helps manufacturers to have a competitive edge, innovate and enhance overall equipment effectiveness while saving major expenses.

The equipment involves a plug-and-play remote monitoring technology, that collects and feeds real-time data through its gateway. The data is then processed in the machine and streamed to the platform’s cloud. Factories can then identify issues and bottlenecks in real-time, do corrections in order to achieve continuous quality and product improvements.

According to Panasonic, Miraie is a simple, easy to use platform that integrates machine data across the digital factory. Real-time information like machine utilization, machine assets, alerts, production planning, operator view etc can be accessed and monitored remotely. A timer setting facility is also available in this interface.

Not only factories and manufacturing units but households and buildings can also make use of Miraie services to simplify daily life. Miraie can work with washing machines, refrigerators, air conditioners, lights and curtains control, switches and plugs etc. Users can also set alerts and on their phone via the connected mobile app.

Customized wash cycles can be set on washing machines, ACs controlled remotely, set the perfect temperature in water heater using AI, customized doorbell and visitor-recognition function etc are some of the additional features that this IoT platform brings to users.

Miraie (in Korean) or Mirai (in Japanese) means ‘future’.

The company denotes that it is bringing future-oriented technology into the industry through the launch of the Miraie Profactory platform, as evidenced by the tagline “Panasonic Miraie Platform-Meet the Future”. It was developed indigenously at Panasonic’s India Innovation Centre.

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