Technology enters the food sector. What’s Next?


Imagine sorting food items like fruits and vegetables by a machine. Cutting and slicing seafood or beef, Dispensing cake and cleaning to maintain safe working environments. Robotics now enters the sector. No need to worry.

Ingredients are combined to form new products by cooking, baking, chilling, etc., then it is sorted to remove the defects that occurred and mixed. It’s rather a complex process. Use Industrial robots, being integrated to save time as well as improve neatness and safety.

Robotics are used in dispensing, feed placement, cutting, packaging, placing products into containers, and sorting. Newer developments allow for order picking, where an employee can place an order electronically, and this robot automatically fills that specific order.

It concerned while packaging food items with speedy and consistency, whole time food robots win over humans in efficiency. It is equipped with intelligent vision systems allowing specific placement of products with accuracy.  Robots utilized vision systems in sorting by color, shape, or size.

Applications such as payload, work envelope, speed, accuracy, and vision controls are considered in Robotics. If your process requires a clean room environment, robots that meet cleanroom specifications as well.

Robots have been used for further development in grippers and vacuum tools. Airflow vacuum tool is, because it can pick up products without touching them. Suction cup is other one, it’s ideal for handling products, with an uneven surface such as frozen pizzas. Using pressure difference, the vacuum gripper fastly picks the product. 

Finger gripper used for products that can’t be handled by suction, such as cakes with loose particles on top. All grippers should be easy to clean and made from materials suitable for the application.  

Robots can work in environments that would be uncomfortable for humans, those robots can be sterilized for work more safely. 

Any robotic system that touches foods needs to be properly cleaned and sanitized. Come onto Meat processing, meat is extremely variable in size and shape. It focuses on butchering rather than preparing cuts for retail sales. Here driving force is for worker safety.

Humans in butchering are considerable, and the tools they used are potentially hazardous. Butchers work in a cold environment and must wear the appropriate garments and essential equipment to protect themselves from injury. But just consider Robots, it’s be avoided. These are the reasons we salute the technologies.

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