Rebel Foods’ food delivery app to use UV sanitized packaging for orders


Intending to bring power back into the hands of customers buying food online, the cloud kitchen brand Rebel Foods has renovated the food ordering site, from ‘Faasos’ to ‘EatSure.’ With the same technical description, but different from UX and UI, the app was introduced earlier last week to let users order food from several restaurants in the same order, just like Dunzo’s ‘Food Court.’

The differentiator here is the four Ps the company builds on: People, Process, Production, and Packaging. ‘People’ are the cooks who cook the food, ‘Process’ refers to the steps taken in the preparing of the food, ‘Produce’ refers to the ingredients of the food, and ‘Packaging’ is the carrying/taking container in which the food is packaged. According to studies by the company, both in the pre-and post-COVID setting, it has been found that these four Ps affect customers more when it comes to buying food online.

Although the restaurant rating on the delivery app offers an indication of the quality of the food it provides, there is very little to no detail about the people who cook the food. Similarly, there is no or very little knowledge about the food preparation process – whether vegetarian and non-vegetarian food is being cooked separately or basic hygiene measures are being taken. There are hundreds of concerns on customers’ minds.

The EatSure-certified partner kitchens are subject to 200-plus quality controls, including the management of the correct food temperature, the step-by-step sanitization process, and the separate processing of vegetables and non-veg foods. EatSure also requires that no brand uses chemical ingredients or colors on any of the products. The food ordered on EatSure will be shipped in a double sealed box – ‘UV secure bags.’ Food packets are stored in the outer cover/bag, which passes through the UV chamber, which is deployed in all the partner kitchens, before being handed over to the delivery person. The UV chamber disinfects both the outside and inner surfaces of the packs. The outer bag comes with two sanitizing pods, one for each pack handle.

The design of UV Sure Bag was developed entirely in-house by the Consumer Solutions Group (CSG) of Rebel Foods. The company has joined forces with some of its old suppliers to manufacture them. The brand has gone live with EatSure food trucks stationed in the high-end streets, hotels, schools, corporate areas of Mumbai and Bengaluru. The trucks are a digital-first interaction project where consumers can search the QR code to order. They are told when their order is ready and they may either opt to pick it up or choose to bring it to their desk/doorstep.

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